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It’s Kind of Like Sending Your Baby Off to College (OR, Lindsay’s Farewell Love Letter)

I have to be brutally honest here. This is a love letter to all of you, Babes in Arms’ customers. Forgive me if I get overly mushy, please.

The past five years of my life have been pretty unbelievable. I had secretly dreamed of owning a store since I was a kid, but I never believed that it was a real possibility. When the idea for Babes in Arms first came to me (when Neko was nine months old), it was simply, “I’m learning all these things (don’t wash your diapers in Gain; the baby’s knees should be up, not dangling while you wear her in the wrap; how to use a ring sling; which cloth diapers actually work at night) the hard way – and I’m so lucky to have resources like La Leche League and the Attachment Parents Village Calgary… what if there were a place in Calgary where parents could go and get the help they need with baby carriers and cloth diapers, and know that they were getting correct information, in a way that really helped them?”

The store always wanted to exist, and so, no matter how many times I told myself it was impossible, it came into being anyway. People appeared who had the same idea and the motivation and resources to make it happen, together. Once the ball was rolling, everything happened fast.

Babes in Arms was born in June 2007, when Neko was just 18 months old. We opened the doors to our first location in December 2007.

Some of you know us from that first year, when we had a 120 sq-ft. office space in the Birth Partnership midwives’ office. This was an amazing opportunity for us to start out. Starting small allowed us to manage our growth rather than growing too big, too fast. In those days, we were only open Tuesdays-Thursdays, and Saturdays! The best part of being in our first location was that we got to know our first clients on a very personal basis, seeing them through their pregnancies and up to their six-week post-partum appointment. People would regularly stop in just to chat. It was so lovely. Many friendships were born in that first year of business.

Jaime came on board in late 2008, and we have been partners ever since. Soon after, we moved into our current location in Mayfair Place. It has been an absolutely amazing four years of growth and change. We have changed our product categories somewhat, and brought in so many new and exciting products as well! We have extended our hours and welcomed many new staff. From the days when it was just two owners running the store front, we have grown now to two owners, a babywearing instructor, and nine staff members.

But, things are about to change. Jaime and I are each preparing ourselves for new opportunities and challenges come 2013. As of the new year, I will no longer be a co-owner of Babes in Arms. The store will be moving ahead without me, in the skilled and visionary hands of Jaime alone. Don’t worry! This doesn’t actually mean any changes for you, our clients! Our vision will remain the same. We will always remain committed to supporting families in attachment-based parenting and a more simple, natural and beautiful way of living. We will be in the same location, with the same staff, and the same commitment to education and service.

I might still stick around, in the store, for a while. Or, I might not. We don’t know yet. I’ll still be around, though. I have plans to continue to be involved in the attachment parenting and new parents world in Calgary, along with a few other career plans, and focusing more wholly on homeschooling Neko (who is now nearly seven!).

So, in short (she says, at the end of a really long post), I want to thank you all, sincerely. I have made so many amazing friends through Babes in Arms. I have met so many really incredible people whom I would not have had the good fortune to meet otherwise. You all scoff when I tell you I feel bad for not remembering each of your names, but it’s true – I feel like I know each one of you, and it feels strange when I can’t remember your name, because you are each so familiar to me. Every one of you has made this experience so wonderful, and I mean that.


Fall 2012: We’re Hiring!

We are hiring for Mondays, 11 am – 4 pm, starting mid-November, plus 2-3 Thursday nights (5-8 pm) per month. The Thursday shift runs for at least November and December but may be extended in the new year.

To apply for either or both shifts, please send us your resume by Oct. 31. You can email it to us at or bring it into the store. Be sure to include a cover letter (in the body of the email is fine) which outlines your babywearing and cloth diapering experience.

Training will begin the first week of November.

Babywearing and cloth diapering experience is essential. Preference will be given to applicants who would like to take both shifts; though we encourage applicants who are only able to work one of the available shifts to still apply. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few days of Oct. 31 to set up an interview.

Would You Like to Work at Babes in Arms?

Want to join an amazing team of likeminded parents in our store? We pay a Living Wage, offer flexible hours and are a lot of fun to work with!

If you:

  • are available weekdays between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm
  • have experience using cloth diapers and baby carriers
  • love helping and empowering other parents
  • love to work with people and learn new things

then please forward us your resume by October 23, either by emailing or bringing it into the store.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Name Jaime’s Baby Contest!

We have a problem and we need your help. Jaime (co-owner) and Troy are having their third baby sometime around Thanksgiving and can’t think of a name.

Troy, Jaime, Leif and Taryn

We need your help coming up with a good name for this baby! In exchange for your help, we are offering a $100 gift certificate as a prize for the person who chooses the winning name. And if we reach 2,000 Facebook fans during the period of the contest, we will up that gift certificate to $200!!

Win a $100 Babes in Arms gift certificate!

Here are the rules:

  1. First, go “Like” our Facebook page, if you’re not already a fan (if you are a fan, please feel free to recommend the page to all your friends if you’d like – either by Sharing the page <lefthand column of FB page at the bottom> or writing a recommendation <righthand column of FB page near the top>). While you’re at it you might also want to check out our Twitter (though it’s not required)!
  2. Comment on this blog post with your name choice(s). Limit of one name suggestion per gender, per entrant. Please note that you will need to leave your email address (it won’t show up on your comment but we’ll have it – so we can contact you if your name is chosen!).
  3. Contest closes when this baby is born. We will close the comments at that time. Enter early to be safe.
  4. Jaime and Troy’s two children are named Taryn and Leif, and the baby’s last name will be Martin. In other words, the names Taryn, Leif and Martin would probably not be great choices with which to enter. Or Marvin. Or Erin. Or … you get the idea.
  5. Jaime and Troy will choose the name they like best. Simple as that. Whoever entered the name first wins. So check previous posts before choosing.
  6. You will be required to answer a skill testing question to accept your prize. The question is: what is the origin and meaning of the name you suggested?
  7. The prize must be picked up at the store; we will not mail the gift certificate. You don’t need to be a resident of any certain country but you do need to come into the store to claim your prize.
  8. Wondering how you could possibly spend your $100 (or $200 if we get enough fans in the next month or so)? Check out our Products page for ideas!
  9. If you’re not already familiar with our store, please be aware that we specialize in cloth diapering and babywearing and we offer services such as classes (Cloth Diapering 101, Babywearing 101, and Back Carries); carrier rentals (by the week); in-store carrier fittings and advice; diaper trial packs; and cloth diaper and carrier consignment. We also sell nursing tanks, babywearing and cloth diapering accessories, natural and locally made toys, and natural and locally made skincare products. We are a brick and mortar store located in the Mayfair Place building at 6707 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary Alberta.

    The store itself

  10. If you’d like to keep up to date with great contests like this, or just find out when Jaime has her baby and what they name it, sign up for our newsletter!

We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring!! We need an employee to cover 1-3 three hour shifts per week on weekdays. These would typically be Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday in the afternoon but the position is somewhat flexible. If you’re an enthusiastic parent with experience cloth diapering and babywearing; love meeting other parents and sharing information & support; would love to work in a supportive, flexible environment with a fair wage and likeminded folks, then send your resume to by September 14!

We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring!! We need a flexible employee to help fill gaps this summer while other staff take their holidays. If you’re an enthusiastic parent with experience cloth diapering and babywearing; love meeting other parents and sharing information & support; would love to work in a supportive, flexible environment with a fair wage and likeminded folks, then send your resume to by May 13!

We’re Hiring!

We are hiring!!

Are you an enthusiastic parent who has experience cloth diapering and babywearing? Do you love meeting other parents and sharing information and support? Are you available one to three weekdays (Monday-Friday) per week, with the possible occasional weekend day? And most important, would you love to work in a supportive, flexible environment with a fair wage and likeminded folks?

Send your resume, along with a note explaining why you would like to work for us and your relevant experience (mainly cloth diapering and babywearing) to by February 28th if you are interested. We would like to start training in early March.

Employment Opportunities at Babes in Arms

Are you right for Babes in Arms?

  • know your slings and feel confident showing others how to safely and comfortably get their baby or child into a carrier
  • have knowledge of cloth diapers, how they work and the options that are out there
  • are available for at least one-two shifts per week during our store hours
  • love talking to people about babies, babywearing, cloth diapering and breastfeeding
  • are outgoing, upbeat and motivated
  • want to be part of a team

Is Babes in Arms right for you?

  • are flexible
  • offer a living wage
  • are passionate about birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, and the good of the earth
  • throw great staff parties
  • care about our employees

We’re always looking for the “right fit,” whether it’s with a carrier, a diaper or an employee. Maybe your schedule doesn’t fit with ours right now, but it may in the future. We are happy to keep your resume on file and contact you about future opportunities! Bring your resume into the store or e-mail us at

Open Thursday Evenings Oct. 15 till Dec. 17

Heads up! We’ll be open 10 am to 8 pm on Thursdays starting on Thursday, October 15. Owners Jaime and Lindsay will be working these evenings and look forward to the chance to connect with all of you on a more regular basis! These hours may be extended into the new year and indefinitely depending on how busy Thursday evenings prove to be.

Jaime and Lindsay accept their Living Wage Leader plaque

Jaime and Lindsay accept their Living Wage Leader plaque

Babes in Arms is a Living Wage Leader

We are so proud to announce that we are now a Calgary Living Wage Leader. We have joined the Vibrant Communities Calgary’s Living Wage Action Team, a group committed to furthering the cause of guaranteeing a living wage for every paid worker in Calgary. What is a living wage? According to the Low Income Cut-off figure, an employed person must make $12.25 plus health benefits, or $13.50 without benefits, to live a decent lifestyle in which they can afford to pay for basic necessities while also saving for the future. We value our employees very much and are happy to pay them a living wage, and we hope to see many other local business join us. If are a Calgary business owner and you are interested in paying your employees a living wage or you already do, get some recognition and become a Living Wage Leader! E-mail me at to find out how.

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