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Ergo Original soft structured carrier


Boxing Week Sale, Dec. 27-30, 2010

~~20% Off~~ 

**ALL All Things Jill products! We are clearing these out to bring in the new Peas in a Pod line in the New Year

~~25% Off~~

**DreamEze all-in-one diapers (18.75)
**EcoBumz stuffable all-in-one diapers (18.75)
**Bravado Lifestyle Microfibre bras (33.75-36)
**Bravado Supreme bras (48.75)
**Rockin’ Baby ring slings (82.50)
**Baby Luv bags (shoulder (45) and hip(22.50)), baby ponchos (30), mama ponchos (45) and jackets (67.50)
**Gabby’s swim diapers (13.50)
**Wonderfulls inserts (6)

~~40% Off~~

**ALL Grimms wooden Waldorf-style toys
**Kangaroo Korner fleece, cotton or mesh adjustable pouch slings (48)
**Practical Bebe mei tais (75)

~~70% Off~~

**All Natural Creation skincare products
**Wonder Wraps diaper covers (5.40)
**Gabby’s diaper covers (2.25-2.70)
**Rockin’ Baby Adjustable Pouch slings (27)


We’ve marked the MamaPoncho down from $295 to $250, Boxing Week only!!

We’re offering the Global Wonders toques from Servants Anonymous Foundation at cost ($22-30)!

Buy six consignment prefold diapers and receive three free (limit three free diapers per customer per day)!!

And don’t forget to grab your 2011 calendar from Room to Grow, Little Wonders, First Step Nutrition, Full Circle Parenting and Baby Busy while you’re here! 

We don’t want to count this stuff – come clear it out of our store! So many awesome products at really great discounts!

Happy New Year!

What is International Babywearing Week (Calgary)?

At Babes in Arms we are thrilled to have teamed up with Babywearing Calgary as well as other local, mom-owned babywearing businesses to plan International Babywearing Week in Calgary, October 6-12. According to Mayor Bronconnier’s official proclamation of the event in Calgary, “using a baby carrier makes it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living” – and that is why we want to promote and celebrate it!

We started celebrating early in September when our Baby Carrier Drive kicked off, collecting safe, used carriers for the moms at Elizabeth House. Carriers are being accepted until October 12 at Babes in Arms as well as at Attachment Parenting Village Canada‘s free weekly playgroup. The carriers will be presented to Elizabeth House, a non-profit organization helping teen moms, on October 14, at which time a group of babywearing experts from Babes in Arms, Babywearing Calgary, Uppy Baby and Stick With Me, Baby! will also teach the moms present about proper positioning and how to use the carriers.

On Saturday, Oct. 2, Babywearing Calgary presented a babywearing fashion show at the Calgary Breastfeeding Challenge. This fashion show featured common misconceptions about babywearing and contrasted these with the truth.

Sunday, Oct. 3 was the monthly Babywearing Calgary free meeting at Room to Grow.

Friday, Oct. 8 at Room to Grow we are hosting an Ice Cream Social with, of course, ice cream, as well as babywearing-themed party games, prizes, and a showing of Away We Go, in which Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a babywearing mom. For more information on how to register, visit the Facebook event.

Saturday, Oct. 9, Uppy Baby is hosting a babywearing mall walk at Cross Iron Mills. Everyone is welcome and this is a great time to get pointers on your current carrier and have a look at what other parents love. The informal walk will give parents a chance to discuss questions and concerns about babywearing. Again, for more information please visit the Facebook event.

Finally, Tuesday, October 12 we are taking part in a free Baby Carrier Clinic at the AP Village Canada playgroup. Various babywearing experts will be on hand to help you get the most out of your carrier or to help you choose the best carrier for you. This is an especially great event if you’re a little unsure of your little one’s positioning while in your carrier. Check out the Facebook event.

**<Edited to add:> We have added a second Babywearing Mall Walk for Friday, Oct. 15, 2-3 pm. We will meet by the carousel in the food court at Chinook Centre – look for the wraps and slings! This event is free and requires no pre-registration but if you’d like more info, visit the Facebook event. <end edit>**

Want to show your support for babywearing? Consider changing your Facebook profile picture to a photo of you wearing your little one and writing a caption like “Happy Babywearing Week!” – you can even link back to the Facebook pages for Babywearing Safety, Babywearing Calgary, or the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (or Babes in Arms, of course!).

The baby carrier industry, and therefore babywearing, is currently under attack by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Council) in the USA. One major manufacturer of high quality baby slings has already been bankrupted by this action and the entire industry is at risk. Because the Canadian government follows suit with American government standards, we urge anyone who cares about babywearing to take this opportunity to follow this story. You can make a difference by spreading the word, becoming a Baby Carrier Industry Alliance member, or, if you are in the USA, contacting your congressperson.

We’re Hiring!

We are hiring!!

Are you an enthusiastic parent who has experience cloth diapering and babywearing? Do you love meeting other parents and sharing information and support? Are you available one to two weekdays (Monday-Friday) per week? And most important, would you love to work in a supportive, flexible environment with a fair wage and likeminded folks?

Send us your resume to by July 16th if you are interested. We would like to start training by late July, ideally, and need someone who can start in August – we are a bit flexible though so if you think you may be a good fit, let us know!

2010 International Babywearing Conference

Last week I (Lindsay) had the privilege of attending the 2010 International Babywearing Conference in the lovely town of Rigby, Idaho. I learned so much and met some really awesome people! We will have a DVD at the store of our favourite sessions; and if you have any questions about any of the sessions, please ask! It was an awesome experience and I learned so much. Our babywearing instructor and leader of Babywearing Calgary (or on Facebook), Jen Wadleigh, also attended and taught a number of sessions.

Me and Jen at dinner at IBC 2010

On Wednesday, June 9 I first attended Back Carries with Giselle Baturay of Slings I Love. It was great seeing some of the back carries out there that I don’t see often, as well as witness how Giselle taught the carries. I learned some new tricks and was also reassured that we are teaching a lot of the same great tips in the store and at our events!

Giselle helping a babywearer with a back carry.

Giselle helping a babywearer with a back carry.

Next was Now What! Babywearing Assisting the Transition to Motherhood with the wonderful Arie Brentnall-Compton of Tadpoles and Butterflies – a fellow Albertan! Arie informed us that because of the skin-to-skin contact and the pheromone and hormone exchange involved, Kangaroo Care often corrects even complicated breastfeeding issues. She also discussed postpartum depression and it’s causes – poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of support and a feeling of not having control over one’s life – and outlined how babywearing helps with all these causes, thereby reducing or preventing postpartum depression. When a mom wears her baby she is more able to get out and find support, her hands are free to grab a decent meal, and she can be active, get outside and maybe even have a shower! All of these factors help with the depression.

The last class of the day for me was Emergency Babywearing with Kristi Hayes-Devlin of Wrapsody and Sam Tower, police officer and husband of the conference’s organizer, Kimber. This class was so cool!! The first half involved Kristi showing us the four carries you should know in case of emergency which will allow you to make a carrier of random items you have lying around. These four carries were the Ruck, the Strap, the Rebozo and the Torso carry. With these four carries you can turn a blanket, scarf, shirt, any piece of clothing and more into a carrier for your baby or child. In times of natural disaster or emergency (running off the road during a snowstorm, for instance), emergency babywearing can save lives.


Kristi showing us some emergency babywearing tricks.

The second half of the class consisted of Sam outlining a long list of ways we can use our carriers for first aid or other tools during an emergency. This included as a water filter (with the addition of sand and black hardwood charcoal); fire tinder; a harness to lower a child from a window (during a fire or flood, for instance); and a variety of first aid tools – a splint, tourniquet and more.

A great quote came out of this class from Kristi, as she spoke about the power of babywearing to save and enrich lives. She was telling us that we can now go out into the world and teach others what we know, and she said, “As long as you know one carry with proper positioning, you are an expert to the person next to you who doesn’t know. Just because you don’t know everything doesn’t mean you can’t share the information you have.” So true, and it makes teaching others a lot less intimidating!

I have a favourite quote about writing that is similar – “If you write, you are a writer.” If you wear your baby, you are a babywearer!

On Wednesday I also got to see the new babywearing coats from Ergo – they are awesome!! I don’t know yet if or when they will be available in Canada, but definitely keep an eye out.

Next up: I’ll write about Thursday, June 10, when I attended Babywearing Safety and ABCs and SSCs, and supported our instructor Jen in teaching Traditional Babywearing; met Jess and Robin of Babyhawk (so exciting!); and met with a bunch of awesome people to discuss Nurturing Across Cultures (formerly The Rebozo Way) and the formation of the Baby Carrier Industry Association – also so exciting! Also on Thursday was the dinner and some hula hooping with Arie, Jen, and Susie Spencer!

Space Available in June 13 and 14 Babywearing Classes

There are a still a couple of spaces in the June 13 Intro to Babywearing for Newborns class and the June 14 Intro to Babywearing for 4 mos.+ class. $10 gains admission for you and a guest, and includes a $10 off coupon that can be used on any new carrier in the store. Come out and learn all about the different types of carriers, the proper position for optimal development of baby’s hips and back, proper positioning for your own comfort, and how to use each type of carrier with the appropriate age of baby or child. Babywearing for Newborns includes lots of instruction on the cradle carry as well as breastfeeding positioning and lots more, and Babywearing for 4mos.+ includes instruction on back carries as well as front and hip carries.

Call the store at 403.835.4614 to register!

Please Note: We’re Sick

I apologize for the lack of content on here lately and the lack of website changes/implementation of the exciting new programs. Please note that my three year old and I have been really sick with this horrible cold virus that’s going around. Of course it hit at the worst possible time: right when we’re moving the store. So between moving and this awful cold, which the pharmacist tells me lasts a full two weeks, I haven’t been on top of things. Please forgive me.

Neko and I are on Day 6 of 14 so it should be gone just on time for the Family-a-Fair to have passed. Wish us well during this very busy time – and by well, please send thoughts of *survival* our way!!

Job Posting

Babes in Arms is looking for an employee or employees to work 10-5, Tuesday to Friday. This position would be ideal for one parent who has childcare covered or whose child(ren) is/are in school; or for two parents who would like to share the four days and trade childcare with one another. We are flexible (for instance, if you have kids in school), and also open to exploring options with qualified candidates who may not be able to cover the full four days. The position requires a fairly extensive knowledge of babywearing and cloth diapering, but we will also teach you! Please e-mail Lindsay at if you are interested.

What is the CPSIA – and does it affect us?

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is an American legislation passed in August 2008 and set to come into effect in February 2009. This act sets new testing regulations for products marketed to children under the age of 12, including toys, books and clothing. The supposed aim of the legislation is to make products safer for kids, action that is needed after the barrage of recalls over the past couple of years.

The act, however, has a number of fatal flaws. The biggest concern is that the new law will require every manufacturer – big, small, US-based, China-based, every one – to subject every batch of every product to extensive (and prohibitively expensive) testing. This is great for all those big manufacturers who have their toys made in China, where lead paints are not outlawed. But for the little guy handmaking wooden or cloth (or whatever) toys and selling them on Etsy, in the local consignment store, at craft fairs and so on, it means the end of the road. The truly ridiculous part of it all is that those people are more often than not using materials manufactured in the US and already tested to meet these requirements.

Yes, it’s an American issue. But does it affect us here in Canada? I have been waiting to see a Canadian media source cover this issue and haven’t found anything yet. Please let me know if you have!

Here are my concerns, and thoughts of how this could affect us – but then, I am no expert on importing, exporting, free trade or any of the like…

  1. At Babes in Arms, some of our goods come from small, American manufacturers. Happy Tushies is a family-run cottage industry in northern Minnesota; and BabyHawk and Rockin’ Baby are both mom-run companies in California (BabyHawk will have their GCC certificate by the required date, I’ve just been informed – I have not contacted Rockin’ Baby on the matter). Will these companies be forced out of business? Will their prices go up (my contact at BabyHawk reassures me theirs will not)? Will our product options be compromised?
  2. A much larger proportion of our products are made in Canada, again by small manufactures. A few examples include JamTots diapering accessories, SugarPeas wool diaper covers and BabySpats (all made in BC); Tuff Toys; the Baby Buddy nursing pillow; Gabby’s diapers and accessories; AppleCheeks cloth diapers; MotherEase cloth diapers; Claudia’s Choices detergent; All Things Jill skincare; and the RiNGLEY teething toy. Some of these manufacturers sell their products only in Canada and do not rely on sales in the US to stay afloat. But I wonder if others do need their US sales to continue operating. Will some Canadian manufacturers be so affected by these new American regulations that they will stop making certain products, or shut down completely? If so, that definitely affects us.
  3. Our online shopping options may be impacted as well. As consumers, many of us turn to online stores to find the best products to fit our lives. Some American sites will be driven out of business – will Canadian sites that rely on US sales be harmed as well?
  4. Lastly, thanks to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), our regulations are being “harmonized” with those of the US and Mexico – so one can only deduce that it is only a matter of time before these regulations are introduced in Canada as well.

What are your thoughts on this legislation? Have you been following this story? Do you feel this will have any affect on us as Canadian consumers? Let me know!


Winter Sale, Jan. 14-??

On sale now until further notice:

KinderCoats (original) – only one left, size large – was $155, now $100! (35% off!)
Rockin’ Baby Adjustable Pouch Slings – were $90, now $75!
Baby Wrap Blankets – were $30, now $22.50! (25% off!)
Momo Ring Slings – were $125, now $95! (25% off!)
Apple Cheeks Pocket Diapers (set of envelope cover and flat insert) – buy one, get one at 25% off! (limit two per customer at the discounted price)
Bravado shrugs – were $27, now $20.25! (25% off!)
Bravado bikini panties (packs of 2) – were $24, now $18! (25% off!)
DreamEze fitted diapers – were $18, now $15!
All Gabby’s diapers and diaper covers – 25% off!
El Nino Babywearing Ponchos – were $70, now $50!

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