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We Still Have Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouches in Stock!

We were as sad as anyone when Kangaroo Korner went out of business last year. They were an awesome company and their Adjustable Fleece Pouch was one of owner Lindsay’s first babywearing loves. We did have a ton of adjustable fleece, cotton and mesh pouches in stock when they announced their closing, and have slowly been selling out. At this point, we are down to very few, but we know that there are still lots of people out there looking for them. We figure the babywearers and the slings have a better chance of finding one another if we take this online!

Here’s the deal:
I’ve listed below what we have in stock. The sizes fit: Small ( 28-36″, 80-140 lbs), Medium (34-41″, 100-200 lbs),
Large (38-45″, 140-300 lbs). We can only ship these in Canada and the price is $50 including shipping. These are final sale. First come, first served – we can’t guarantee how long any of these will last! To order, call 403-835-4613 (10-5 Mon-Sat, 11-4 Sun) or email

Fleece pouches

1 L right-hand – cayenne
1 L left-hand – cherry

Cotton pouches
1 XL right-hand – cream
1 M left-hand – cherry (mispackaged)

Some reviews of the fleece pouch: Reviews on

Babes in Arms co-owner Lindsay wearing a two-month-old Neko in the KKAFP, 2006


Cloth diapering a newborn

I was looking at our packed-full consignment section today, thinking about how you could buy all the diapers and accessories you needed for fairly cheap, and consequently be able to diaper a newborn without a huge investment. Then you could keep the diapers for a subsequent child or sell them back to us. Here are a couple of options:

#1) 18 Kissaluvs Size 0 (5-15 lbs) @ $11 + 1 each @ $9: Prorap (6-10 lbs), Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (4-9 lbs), 3 Motherease Rikki Wraps (6-12 lbs), Thirsties cover (5-12 lbs) = $252 (compare to 8 weeks of whichever brand of disposable diapers you would be using).

Amount you would receive to reconsign in same condition = $126 (total cost of minimum 6-8 weeks of cloth diapering = $126).

#2) 12 organic cotton prefolds (10 @ $2, 2 @ $1.50) + 1 each @ $9: Prorap (6-10 lbs), Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (4-9 lbs), 2 Motherease Rikki Wraps (6-12 lbs) = $59 (again, compare to 8 weeks of whichever brand of disposable diapers you would be using).

Amount you would receive to consign in same condition = $29.50 (total cost of minimum 6-8 weeks of cloth diapering = $29.50).

I could have fun all day making up starter packs of diapers for different ages! But I thought this shows with just what we currently have in stock, what you can get to start off – talk about savings!

Come Check Out the Blue Celery Sling!

We will be carrying these innovative, Canadian-made slings on a trial basis. A great alternative for parents who are intimidated by the tying of the wrap but want the security and versatility it offers. We only have a few – come check them out today!

For more information, visit the Blue Celery website.

Babyhawk shipment just arrived

For those of you waiting on special orders, you’ll be happy to know that the Babyhawks just arrived! Happy New Year!

New This Month

There is lots going on in the store this fall!

Right now the buzz among the Babes is the plethora of amazing diapers in the consignment sectionSOS fitteds, Swaddlebees (a variety of types), sustainablebabyish fitteds, Fuzzibunz, wool shorties, gDiapers, Good Mamas and more! We are also seeing a few more carriers come through consignment, which is nice. Check it out if you’re interested in trying cloth diapering or babywearing at a more affordable price, or just trying a wider variety of products!

We also received our knit toques from the Servants Anonymous Foundation – SO adorable! We have hats for babies and toddlers and even a toque and mitt set for babies. This foundation works for an excellent cause and the majority of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes straight to them.

The Kindercoat Deluxe order is on its way and may make it by the end of the week. This also includes MamaJackets – two great options for staying warm while wearing your baby or older child!!

Lastly, we got in our Christmas selection from Melissa and Doug – puzzles, sticker books and linking crabs and monkeys. Cute stuff!

New Babyhawks are in!

A shipment of Babyhawks arrived today, and there are some really beautiful ones in there! We will be ordering more in mid-September, so if you have a special order you’d like to place, get it in in the next couple of weeks. Look for minkee-lined Babyhawks starting in late September.

Retractable Rear-view Mirrors

We now carry retractable, palm-sized mirrors that hook onto your belt-loop. They’re perfect for checking on baby while they ride on your back!

Supportive Size Five Didymos Wraps in Stock!

We have a beautiful Indio Yew (pictured) and another beautiful Indio Lago in size five, perfect for carrying heavy kids! Both are a 40% linen blend (60% organic cotton). Are you a small person with a big kid that wants a ride on your back? Or just a parent planning for the long-term? Check these out!


New Babyhawks

Our HUGE shipment of new Babyhawks arrived today. We now have tons of reversible and one-sided Babyhawks and Toddlerhawks in all different styles and colours. Come check them out today! Careful though – they’re hard to resist.

We have amber teething necklaces!

teething_necklaces_babyAfter a supplier fiasco that has gone on WAY too long, we now have a new amber teething necklace supplier and a TON of necklaces in stock!! Check them out now for a happier baby or just a cute accessory!

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