The Name Jaime’s Baby Contest!

We have a problem and we need your help. Jaime (co-owner) and Troy are having their third baby sometime around Thanksgiving and can’t think of a name.

Troy, Jaime, Leif and Taryn

We need your help coming up with a good name for this baby! In exchange for your help, we are offering a $100 gift certificate as a prize for the person who chooses the winning name. And if we reach 2,000 Facebook fans during the period of the contest, we will up that gift certificate to $200!!

Win a $100 Babes in Arms gift certificate!

Here are the rules:

  1. First, go “Like” our Facebook page, if you’re not already a fan (if you are a fan, please feel free to recommend the page to all your friends if you’d like – either by Sharing the page <lefthand column of FB page at the bottom> or writing a recommendation <righthand column of FB page near the top>). While you’re at it you might also want to check out our Twitter (though it’s not required)!
  2. Comment on this blog post with your name choice(s). Limit of one name suggestion per gender, per entrant. Please note that you will need to leave your email address (it won’t show up on your comment but we’ll have it – so we can contact you if your name is chosen!).
  3. Contest closes when this baby is born. We will close the comments at that time. Enter early to be safe.
  4. Jaime and Troy’s two children are named Taryn and Leif, and the baby’s last name will be Martin. In other words, the names Taryn, Leif and Martin would probably not be great choices with which to enter. Or Marvin. Or Erin. Or … you get the idea.
  5. Jaime and Troy will choose the name they like best. Simple as that. Whoever entered the name first wins. So check previous posts before choosing.
  6. You will be required to answer a skill testing question to accept your prize. The question is: what is the origin and meaning of the name you suggested?
  7. The prize must be picked up at the store; we will not mail the gift certificate. You don’t need to be a resident of any certain country but you do need to come into the store to claim your prize.
  8. Wondering how you could possibly spend your $100 (or $200 if we get enough fans in the next month or so)? Check out our Products page for ideas!
  9. If you’re not already familiar with our store, please be aware that we specialize in cloth diapering and babywearing and we offer services such as classes (Cloth Diapering 101, Babywearing 101, and Back Carries); carrier rentals (by the week); in-store carrier fittings and advice; diaper trial packs; and cloth diaper and carrier consignment. We also sell nursing tanks, babywearing and cloth diapering accessories, natural and locally made toys, and natural and locally made skincare products. We are a brick and mortar store located in the Mayfair Place building at 6707 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary Alberta.

    The store itself

  10. If you’d like to keep up to date with great contests like this, or just find out when Jaime has her baby and what they name it, sign up for our newsletter!


  1. Beth Said:

    Boy Name: Arlo

    Girl Name: Gwyneth

    • Lindsay Said:

      Ack, Arlo is my FAVOURITE! Makes me want another baby just to use the name. 🙂 -Lindsay

      • Beth Said:

        i won’t lie… if #3 is a boy, that would definitely be on my short list… 😀

  2. Tanya Cooper Said:

    I love Flynn for a boy (one of my son’s middle names). Paxton for a girl – it is a middle name we gave to our two year old daughter that we just adopted -we would have used it as a first name – but she already had one.

  3. Kate Said:

    I really like the name Arwen or Arwyn. And if I win, I’ll have a 3rd baby just so I can use the gift certificate on a brand new Moby D wrap. (I love the Moby D for newborns!)

  4. Jessica L'Herault Said:

    Cohen for a boy
    Madeline for a girl

    • Heather Said:

      I just had a Cohen! There goes my vote! 😉

  5. Boy Name: Luka

    Girl Name: Baya

  6. jennifer melnychuk Said:

    Shaelynn, Caylee, Rylen, Ayden, Skylar, Shyla, Aleya, Jennika….

    • Lindsay Said:

      You have to choose one per gender to be eligible though. 😉

  7. Lindsay Etherington Said:

    Girl: Chloe

    Boy: Andrew

  8. Beckett for a boy
    Layanna for a girl

    Love the idea of a baby-naming contest! We’re having trouble coming up with a name for our own due in Feb! 🙂

    • lesley Said:

      what made you come up with beckett? thats my sons name and we hadnt heard it anywhere before, except for surnames…

      • Chelsea Said:

        Thats my sons name to! Lol we named him after the Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett.

  9. Andrea Said:

    Ava for a girl
    Jet for a boy

  10. Francesca Lightballoon Said:

    Ingrid for a girl. Ferris for a boy and not just because of my personal connection to it. It’s an awesome name.

  11. For a boy: Rhys
    For a girl: Keeley

    Congratulations on the new sweet bundle whatever the gender and name may be!

  12. sheralyn Said:

    I love the name Porter. If I have another baby I will pick Porter

  13. Alisha Said:

    Aurora for a girl
    Eamon for a boy

  14. I would go with Turduckin, but call her TD

  15. Rhea Brown Said:

    Girl: Carys
    Boy: Max

  16. Keely Bruce Said:

    Boy: Cosmo
    Girl: Stella

  17. Amanda Said:

    Boy: Griffin
    Girl: Viola

  18. Finnegan or Finn for a boy.

    Isla for a girl.

  19. Candice Said:

    Boy: Gavin
    Girl: Wynn

  20. This is a neat little contest you might want to take a look at!

    • Okay, now that I’ve posted in the wrong spot I now have names:)
      Boy: Everett
      Girl: Arianna (one of the names we really liked but couldn’t really go with Savannah)

  21. Laine Brown Said:

    Aislyn for a girl and Royce for a boy

  22. Lisa McBain Said:

    Boy Name: Nolan
    Girl Name: Hanna

  23. Jody Sekias Said:

    Boy: Hugo
    Girl: Freya

  24. Anna Said:

    For a boy: Deryx
    For a girl: Elyse

  25. Amanda Said:

    Girl: Adele (was in the running for our 2nd child’s girl name)
    Boy: Fraser (was our boy name for #2, but she was a she!)

  26. Chelsea Said:

    Congratulations Jaime and family! I’m looking forward to hearing what you have, and the name you choose. Just for fun, here are my picks.
    Boy: Niahl (pronounced Niahl)
    Girl: Eliah

  27. Audbrey for a girl and Quinn for a boy

  28. Sarah Deveau Said:

    Arden for a girl, Cordell for a boy!

  29. Erin Said:

    I like Donovan for a boy… I think it goes well with their other kids’ names. Will have to post again when I come up with a girl’s name!

  30. Girl: Alexanderia
    Boy: Xander

  31. lily m. Said:

    I love Magnolia for a girl! I would pick Magnolia Quinn if I had another girl (eg. Maggie Q, Noli : )

    For a boy name, I love Frank : )

  32. Danielle thompson Said:

    Harper for a girl
    Parker for boy

    Danielle Thompson

  33. Jewls Holmes Said:

    For a girl Davina
    For a boy Declan

  34. Karla Said:

    Boys name: Oliver
    Girls Name: Lyla

  35. Kathy Said:

    Girl – Sierra
    Boy – Phoenix

  36. Boy: Lennox
    Girl: Cavelle

  37. Morgan Said:

    Boy: Gunnar

    Girl: Esme


  38. Jessica Said:

    Girl: Everleigh
    Boy: Finley

  39. Bonnie Said:

    Awesome contest – you are so smart! Poor third babies – mine didn’t have a name for three days after he was born!

    Girl: Kaia
    Boy: Landon (Hope we are allowed to suggest our own kids names – this was the child that had no name, and now that he has one, we love it! And just a little trivia – it’s a name of one of the main characters in the original Planet of the Apes LOL)

    • Jaime Said:

      I heard Thomas was born on his great Grandpa’s birthday! I can’t wait to meet him!

  40. Freya Said:

    This is great! You crack me up!

    Girl: Quinn
    Boy: Ryder

    But just for the record, Freya is a really great girls name too 😉

  41. Carmen engel Said:

    Girl – Ava
    Boy – kai

  42. Carmen engel Said:

    Oops ava is on there already. Amelia instead.

  43. Laura M Said:

    Boy- Ryver/River
    Girl- Scarlett

  44. Sabina Said:

    My girl pick (that I never got to use as I keep making boys):
    Helena Margeurite.
    One of my favorite boy names has already been mentioned (Declan), so I’ll go with Alistair (my first born, means leader of men).

    Other names (that don’t count for votes, but certainly ideas)…Astrid (girl), Maddoch (boy), Bronwyn (girl), Eamon (boy).

    Have fun and congrats!

  45. Dawn Beaulieu Said:

    Lyric – girl name (or boy 🙂
    Louis – boy name (silent s)

    • gemma Said:

      Great girl name!

  46. Brigid Said:

    Eli – boy
    Tre – girl

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  47. Lindsay Said:

    I say Rufus for a boy; Priya for a girl.

  48. Sonya Said:

    I like Alrick for a boy (it means noble ruler) and Freema for a girl (I’m a Doctor Who nerd)

  49. Stacey Cross Said:

    Boy – Jace
    Girl – Marie

  50. MR Said:

    Suraya for a girl
    Cole for a boy

  51. Shauna M Said:

    Girl: Sage
    Boy: Cian (pronounced Keyan)


  52. Jessica Said:

    Girl: Devyn
    Boy: Cael

  53. Pam K Said:

    Girl: Kalaya
    Boy: Calum

  54. heather grimes Said:

    Girl- Molly or Lilly
    boy- Colby or Tucker

  55. Cricket Said:

    Asher 🙂

  56. Leah Said:

    Boy: Zane
    Girl: Aria

    • Linda Said:

      Zane is actually a very popular girls name in Latvia… Pronounced as written ( not Zaein but Zune)..

  57. George Said:

    Boy: Draven
    Girl: Rayne

  58. Cathy Snell Said:

    Boy: Gideon
    Girl: Hazel

  59. Kerri C Said:

    Girl: Ember
    Boy: Kennan

  60. Annette Said:

    Girl – Grace

    Boy – Jax

  61. Tara pugh Said:

    Girl- Aspen( both Jaime and Taryn have five
    Letters so if a girl I decided she should also have letters)

    Boy- Zane or Fern ( Troy and Leif both have four letters so I chose four letter Boy names : )

  62. Tara pugh Said:

    Oops have to narrow it down — ok then Fern for a boy

  63. Laura St. Croix Said:

    Girl: Zoe
    Boy: Levi

    • Laura St. Croix Said:

      Zoe, Zoë, Zoie, or Zoey….just a few different spelling choices.

  64. Deanna Said:

    I suggest a couple Norwegian ones;
    boy: Mathias
    girl: Linnea

  65. Janna Said:

    Here are my suggestions (one from our family, one borrowed from another!):

    Boy: Banyan (after the tree)
    Girl: Taiga (Boreal Forest, very Canadian/nature name). Would also go well with Taryn.

  66. Melissa N. Said:

    Girl – Zara
    Boy – Brock

  67. Lin Said:

    My Two fave names right now are:
    Boy: Felix
    Girl: Quinn

    • Lin Said:

      Felix means: happy, fortunate (latin)
      Quinn means: consel (irish, gaelic)

  68. Evelyn Said:

    Boy: Quinn
    Girl: Rhea

  69. Boy: Brayden
    Girl: Ryan
    I LOVE boy names for little girls! I think it’s adorable (ie: Blake Lively). Best of luck with the name and I wish you a peaceful/smooth birth. 🙂

    Sarah Anderson

  70. Heather Said:

    My official vote:

    boy: Evandon (a friend named her baby boy this, and I love it!)

    girl: Mylo (another friend has a Mylo/Milo. Cute!)

  71. Jenn Said:

    Girl: Genvieve (French pronunciation)
    Boy: Finn

  72. Emily Said:

    Benjamin for a boy! My all time fave boy name but I could never have it on my list because Ben Glenn is just wrong!

    I love Skyler for a girl!

  73. Nicole A Said:

    How about Baylen (Bay) for a boy – I love that name but it is never gonna happen for us
    or River for a girl.
    Good luck!

  74. Girl- Lydia

  75. girl- Ruby
    boy- Rowan

    (kelsey thinks Coulee for a girl and Relic for a boy.)

    • Cari Vaughan Said:

      Those were the exact two I was going to pick!

  76. susan Said:

    boy- Corbin
    girl- Amber


  77. Amy Said:

    Boy- Ronan
    Girl- Ever

  78. Jer Said:

    Girl – Kenz (it means treasure)
    Boy – Holden

  79. Shannon Said:


  80. Boy – Caelum (pronounced Kay-lum)
    Girl – Brinley

  81. Girl: Bree
    Boy: Tobin

  82. teamla Said:

    Girl: Willa
    Boy: Milo

    Hope you are having a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  83. Shawna Said:

    Girl name: Evangaline

  84. Erin Said:

    Boy: Wyatt

    Girl: Raymie

  85. Lizette Said:

    Girl: Yasmin
    Boy: Cassius

  86. Sarah Said:

    My name suggestion for a girl is Tressa – simple to say and spell, but still very unique! That’s why we picked it for our daughter.

    My boy suggestion is Rylan.

  87. Lauren Said:

    Girl: Isla
    Boy: Isaac
    Congrats on Baby #3!! I’m expecting our third also, on March 2, and can TOTALLY relate to being stumped for names.

  88. Sam G Said:

    Boy : Lachlan (pronounced LAHK-lin)
    Girl: Lisette (pronounced Lee zet)

  89. Kim Clemens Said:

    Daylia for a girl
    Mecah for a boy

  90. Jillian Parent Said:

    I like
    Saffron for a girl
    Bode ( sounds like bodie) for a boy

  91. gemma Said:

    It’s already been mentioned but another vote for Zane for a boy.
    Zia for a girl.

  92. Nicole B Said:

    Boy: Eoin (Pronounced Owen – it’s Gaelic)
    Girl: Sheila

  93. Amber Stamile Said:

    Girl: Auden
    Boy: Bode(Bowdee)

  94. Tianna Morison Said:

    Girl: Devyn
    Boy: Haydn

    …I guess i have a thing for “y”‘s in names. but spell it however you want! 🙂

    • Tianna Morison Said:

      how do i delete my boy’s name! i just read the best boy’s name and wanna modify my answer! or is that not allowed?

      • Jaime Said:

        You can just reply here Tianna, we’ll accept the updated name!

      • Ok! Girl: Devyn
        Boy : Osha (pronounced Awe-sha)

  95. Erin Said:

    I get lots of comments about my baby girl’s name…Sequora. I love some of the names on the list although not enough to have another baby so that I can use them!! 8)

  96. victoria Said:

    Boy: Talin
    (another name for SIVA in Hindu tradition

    Girl: Mayukha
    Comes from the Telugu word which means, “Ray of light, Brightness.” Also meaning of Pea Hen (female peacock:)

  97. Cynthia Said:

    I think a great name for a girl would be Lennon! Wishing you a safe and quick delivery!

  98. amber Said:

    Girl: Annalise
    Boy: Blaise

  99. Lindsay Storm Said:

    Girl: Clara
    Boy: Henry

  100. Jackie Peterson Said:

    Hey Jaime and Troy…hope everything’s going well.

    Boy – Riley/Ryley

    Girl – Kaili (pronounced kay-lee or kai-lee…versatile!)

    Not too much longer and I’ll have a new little rugrat to play frisbee with! Can’t wait!!!

  101. Heather Konrad Said:

    Girl- Tamar

  102. Jackie Said:

    Girl: Eleanor
    Boy: Julien

  103. sera fradgley Said:

    Girl name: Norah/Nora/Norrah
    Boy name: Micah

  104. Stephanie Westlund Said:

    Girl: Sidney (alternate spellings: Sydnie, Cydnee)
    Boy: Oscar

  105. Skye Said:

    Aven for a girl… or a boy. I haven’t stumbled on a boy name yet so until then this will be it. 🙂

  106. Boy – Aedan
    Girl – Nevaeh

  107. Meghan Said:

    Girl- Bronwyn
    Boy- Titus

  108. Theresa G Said:

    Girl: Amalia (Molly for short)
    Boy: Harper

    Congrats Jaime!

  109. Krysten Corbel Said:

    Girls name – Emerson
    Boys name – Emmett

  110. Jessica Said:

    Girl’s name – Ellis
    Boy’s name – Blake

  111. Boy – Talon
    GIrl – Echo

  112. Alexandra Owens Said:


    Boy – Maddox

    Girl – Lyra

  113. Tammy P Said:

    Girl: Iliana

    My fav’s

  114. Erica Said:

    Congratulations on you beautiful growing family! I wish a peaceful and blessed arrival for your newest member.

    Girl – Noa
    Boy – Lenin

  115. Erica Said:

    Congratulations on you beautiful growing family! I wish a peaceful and blessed arrival for your newest member.

    Girl – Noa
    Boy – Lenin

  116. Jennifer Hamilton Said:

    Atticus Martin. I think Atticus is such a great strong name for a boy!
    Arrah Martin. (said like the word ‘are’ then ‘ah’). So pretty and simple!
    Good luck choosing the name!!

  117. Lindsay Said:

    There are some really wonderful suggestions on this list! Remember, if your name is chosen, you must be a Facebook fan ( to be eligible to win the $100 gift certificate! I can’t wait to see what Jaime and Troy choose.

  118. Cindy K Said:

    Girl – Savannah
    Boy – Kade

    This is quite a list, there are lots of good names! Good luck picking!!

  119. Boy: Grant
    Girl: Alanna

  120. Anny Lin Said:

    I can’t wait to see the results because I am expecting in Dec. and have no clue what to name our 2nd. My suggestion for boy is Matthew. That’s what we named our son. He was born at 25 weeks (yes really preemie) but he is doing well. My suggestion for girl is Amelia (Mia for short) but alas we need a boy name this time as well

  121. girl: rosalba (alba) (or rosy) — after great grandma. you know it was my girl pick, but i haven’t convinced ben, so i may as well put it out there.

    okay, i’ll come back and enter one… i can’t narrow it down in this 15 minute break.

  122. Lindsey Hayden Said:

    Girl- Joy


    Good Luck Jaime!

  123. Louise Said:

    Boy: Zyler-Rogue (I hyphinated, that is one name or go with either)
    Girl: Zyla

    I am on a Z kick today… Zyler “sounds like” Tyler

  124. Marla Mollicone Said:

    I like Hazel for a girl and Henry for a boy:)

    I think those will be my choices, I am due in 6 weeks!


    • Marla Mollicone Said:

      ooops didn’t read the full rules;) Both of my choices are already done! I will have to come up with more!!

      • Marla Mollicone Said:

        ok new ones: Bennett for boy and Lila for girl:)
        Good luck Jaime!

  125. Christina Said:

    So many good names! I hope these haven’t been said already:

    Girl: Kaitlyn
    Boy: Tyler

  126. Melinda Felso Said:

    Some pretty cool baby names here.

    My personal choices would be:

    Boy: Lorenzo (my boy’s middle name)
    Latin: Laurel crown
    Spanish, Italian: Bold; spirited

    Girl: Mercedes
    Latin: Ransom; virgin; merciful

    Happy baby-waiting Jaime!

  127. Natalie is such an unforgettable name for a girl.
    I have always loved the celtic version of Aaron…Aran for a boy

  128. My son’s name is Lochwood and we call him Loch this is a great name (I think anyway) and we get lots of compliments!!!

  129. Lolly DJ Said:

    My contest submission:
    Jerica for a girl (my Samantha’s middle name)
    Zachary for a boy (my Caitlin’s name if she had been a boy)

    Also, to consider (not my submission) is my niece’s name (Amoreena)

  130. Hannah Hill Said:

    Boy: Arry

    I’m still thinking about a girl name. 🙂

  131. Nicole Said:

    Girl: Echo
    Boy: Willow

  132. I love all 3 of my boys names and none are on the list yet….but I’ll pick…
    Boy: William (Will)
    Girl: Brenley / Brenlee
    (since my daughters name has very surprisingly already been noted! LOL Noah)

    Regardless of the name, I hope you have a lovely birth!

  133. OK sis, I finally have a boy name for you… I know you are into family names (at least in theory)…. so after great great grandma’s last name…

    BOY: Savage.

    I really like it. wanted it for a boy middle name, but obviously I see it’s downfalls and didn’t go for it.

    oh… I had two other suggestions that are names I like, but woudn’t do for you! FOREST (hahaha to go with Leif). Or HOLDEN (she already has the Leif/Reid grandsons’ name problem, so she could have Holden/Colten now too!).

  134. Sandra Said:

    Boy: Asher

    Girl: Isis

  135. Amy Cartwright Said:



  136. Yvonne Said:

    Girl: Jocelyn
    Boy: Ian

  137. Alanna Said:

    Congrats! We are also welcoming our 3rd, so this list has been nice to have, the 3rd is tough!

    Boy- Simon
    Girl- eve

  138. Angela Deans Said:

    Amaya – girl
    Jacoby – boy

  139. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet but Evan for boy and Raelynn for girl 😉

  140. Boy: Everest
    Girl: Harper

  141. Also I’m due Oct. 5! My hubby and I JUST picked out a name for our second little boy after months of searching and tons of lists- such a difficult game to play! I hope all goes well and you find a name you like!

  142. Erin Said:

    I finally came up with my girl name… Clove!

  143. Natalie Said:

    For a girl: Piper
    For a boy: Elliot

  144. pam Said:

    Girl- Rylee
    Boy- Spencer

  145. Kerrianne Said:

    Girl – Carlyn

    Boy – Emmet

  146. Chelsea Said:

    Girl: Dayla
    Boy: Lincoln

  147. Meghann Said:

    Congrats on your new addition-to-be! I’ve liked your page and am also sharing it 🙂 My choices are:

    Girl: Ever
    Boy: Zale

    Those are my picks!
    Can’t wait to hear what you have!

    • Meghann Said:

      Ooops, didn’t see that Ever was chosen already. My revised girl name:



  148. Nicole Said:

    Jade for a girl
    Isaiah for a boy

  149. Patricia Said:

    girl: Amelie/Emilie
    boy: Hamish

  150. Tanya Said:

    boy nesta
    girl dinah

  151. Jacqui Said:

    Calla for a girl
    Rohan for a boy

  152. Lindsie Said:

    Girl: Teja
    Boy: Logan

  153. Laura Said:

    Girl: Penelope
    Boy: Alceed

    • Laura Said:

      Alceed pronounced: Al-seed

  154. Amber Said:


    Boy – Malachi

    Girl – Ryker

  155. Jennifer Said:

    Congratulations on baby #3!

    My name suggestions are…

    Boy: Angus

    Girl: Magdalena (could also be shortened to Magda, Maggie or Lena)

    There really are some great names on the list. I wish you could have been running the contest when I was pregnant!

  156. Sue Said:

    Congrats! We’re expecting baby #4 and trying to figure out names, here are our current faves:
    Girl: Tatum
    Boy: Jack

  157. Bev Desjarlais Said:

    A nice strong name Garrett for a boy (goes well with Frederick) and for a girl Vivien

  158. Katie Said:

    Boy – Greyson
    Girl – Felicity

  159. Jennifer Said:

    Girl: Morgan

    Boy: Dillon

  160. Terry Said:

    Girl – Amira
    boy- Amir

  161. Jen Said:

    Girl: Olea
    Boy: Zander

  162. Jackie Said:

    Bria , Nash 🙂

    • Jackie Said:

      Bria for a girl , Nash for a boy ! Lol just to clarify . Good luck !!

  163. Sara Said:

    Boy: Tern
    Girl: tova

  164. Marika Said:

    Oriol is my vote or for a girl Oriella

  165. Amery D. Said:

    Boy – Caleb
    Girl – Haydyn

  166. LindsayN Said:

    Boy – Wesson
    Girl – Wren
    Blessings for your birth!! And in choosing a name 😉

  167. Teresa Said:

    Boy: Linden
    Girl: Alyssa

  168. Linda Said:

    Boy name – Nishant. Girl name – Inara!

  169. Kristina Said:

    Girl : Camryn
    boy: Brenner

  170. Jaime Said:

    Turkey Martin is a girl & will be named in the next few days!

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