Employment Opportunities at Babes in Arms

Are you right for Babes in Arms?

  • know your slings and feel confident showing others how to safely and comfortably get their baby or child into a carrier
  • have knowledge of cloth diapers, how they work and the options that are out there
  • are available for at least one-two shifts per week during our store hours
  • love talking to people about babies, babywearing, cloth diapering and breastfeeding
  • are outgoing, upbeat and motivated
  • want to be part of a team

Is Babes in Arms right for you?

  • are flexible
  • offer a living wage
  • are passionate about birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, and the good of the earth
  • throw great staff parties
  • care about our employees

We’re always looking for the “right fit,” whether it’s with a carrier, a diaper or an employee. Maybe your schedule doesn’t fit with ours right now, but it may in the future. We are happy to keep your resume on file and contact you about future opportunities! Bring your resume into the store or e-mail us at info@babesinarms.ca.


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