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Carrying a Toddler on the Back or Hip – Our Newest Video is Online!

While using my Beco Butterfly II to carry Finn, who is 2 and is at my house during the day two days a week, it dawned on me that a lot of Beco users probably don’t know their carrier can also be used for an assisted hip carry. Finn had been riding on my back but wanted to walk for a while, and then slowed down considerably – if we were ever going to make it to the library, I needed to pick him up for a while! Without a carrier, that would mean throwing him on my hip, or with the carrier, normally I would have gotten him back on my back. Plus, I’d be carrying the carrier in my arms when he walked. This is one of the things I love about the Beco Butterfly II – when he got down to walk, I rolled it up, secured it, and buckled it around my waist. Then when he got tired, I picked him up and he rode on my hip, with my arms around him – the same as carrying him on my hip, only with my spine in proper alignment, so much easier on my back! I wanted to share this great feature with our clients and with people who might be shopping around for a carrier. Of course, the Beco Butterfly II also works great right from the newborn stage.


Ten Ways to Use a Baby Carrier Rental This Summer

10. On out-of-town trips to visit family or friends, prevent the “pass-the-baby” game with your newborn by keeping them comfortably close in a carrier – you choose when it is time to pass your little one amongst your loved ones, if at all.

9. For parents with a baby as well as an older child or children, summer is a time when the kids are always on the go and baby needs to come along too. Keep up with the big kids, whether it’s on- or off-path, or even wading in the wading pool or river.

8. If you don’t own a carrier or the one you do own incorporates metal pieces or is inconvenient to get into and out of, a quick, easy carrier with no metal parts is worth renting for trips through the airport. You won’t set off metal detectors, and you can pace the aisles of the airplane comfortably if needed. Not to mention, of course, having baby close as you navigate the airport prior to take-off and after landing!

7. It can be tricky to keep a baby contained and safe on a camping trip. A baby carrier can solve or at least alleviate the problem by keeping your little safely on your back much of the time.

6. Make some extra space in your trunk on a road trip by leaving out the stroller – baby carriers are quick and convenient on trips and give baby a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings.

5. Has your baby outgrown their carrier? You don’t have to stop wearing them! There are plenty of carriers that will comfortably bear the weight of a bigger toddler or even preschooler. Try out an Ergo, Beco, Boba, Babyhawk or woven wrap for a week to see the difference in comfort.

4. Suggest to visiting friends or family that they pack one less thing and leave their own carrier at home. Once they’re here they can rent a carrier to use as they see the sites in and around Calgary.

3. Hot? Try an Ergo Sport, Ergo Performance, or Wrapsody Bali Baby Breeze gauze wrap for the duration of the heat wave.

2. Don’t hike much but plan to go out once or twice this summer? If an Ergo, Beco or Boba wouldn’t be your regular pick for a carrier but you need something comfortable for hikes or long walks, rent one to keep yourself and baby comfortable while you explore.

1. And of course, the classic #1 reason parents rent a carrier – try before you buy – test run a sling before you take the plunge, to ensure you’re getting the right one!

Babes in Arms offers carrier rentals of the Boba, Beco Butterfly II, Beco Gemini, Babyhawk mei tai, Babyhawk Oh Snap!, Mayawrap ring sling, Moby wrap, Chimparoo wrap, Wrapsody Bali Baby Breeze wrap, Ergo, Ergo Sport and Ergo Performance. A one-week rental is $20 and if you wish, you can try several carriers during that period. A second or third week of rental is just $10 per week. After renting a carrier you receive 10% off the purchase of any new carrier from Babes in Arms. Visit the store for more details or to rent a carrier!

Bug Joose, Ergos, bumGenius and Becos!

So far today we have received a shipment of All Things Jill beautiful-ness, including her awesome Bug Joose (all natural and it really works; it’s also safe for babies and pregnant moms); a big box of Ergo carriers and accessories; and a big box of bumGenius 3.0s (although the butternut, grasshopper, clementine and white are still on backorder for another week or two).

Also, yesterday a shipment of Didymos wraps arrived, including some beautiful Linden and Violet waves. You have to see them to understand how pretty they are!

And last, a shipment of Becos arrived this afternoon! We’re fully stocked for the weekend – if you’re looking for diapers, a baby carrier or bug repellent come see us!

All that and I still missed something. We now carry adorable (and fair trade!) felted wool balls from Fibres of Life! They arrived today.


Stock Status: Back-ordered and On the Way

We are currently out of Mother-ease bamboo Sandy’s fitted diapers in size small, but more have been shipped and will be here shortly.

There are also bumGenius 3.0s and organic AIOs on the way. Please be advised that bumGenius 3.0s in Clementine, Butternut, White and Grasshopper are on back-order until mid-June. Until that point we will keep all five other bumGenius 3.0 colours in stock.

More Becos and Ergos will arrive next week. (In the meantime, we do have some in stock… there will just be more next week.)

The Becos are here!!!

That’s all. The Becos are finally here, after a brief 5-week delay (thanks Canada Customs!). We received a ton of them, so now would be the time to come in and check them out!

The Becos are held up in customs

This is so sad and frustrating … the BIG shipment of Becos we have coming has been held up at customs since January 29. I called them today and they say there is no way to check up on the shipment nor expedite the process because it was shipped through the postal service. I am very frustrated, especially on the behalf of all of you who are waiting for the Becos. Just wanted to let you all know, and say sorry. I will let you know as SOON as they get here!

Stock status, September 17

First, and brace yourself because this is very exciting – we received our Beco Butterfly carriers today! They’re gorgeous and just sitting here waiting for you to try. (

Second, in not-so-good news, we are now sold out of medium Dream Eze AIOs until at least December. In December we anticipate the unveiling of their new design, which we’re very excited about. In the meantime, we have some size large AIOs left, lots of small and XL AIOs, and lots of Dream Eze fitteds.