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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day weekend! To celebrate all the amazing dads out there, we’re giving away free gifts this weekend!
1) Purchase any soft-structured carrier (Boba, Beco Butterfly II or Gemini, or any Ergo) and get a free RearView Mirror!

The Ergo Original soft-structured carrier


RearView Mirror for babywearing (back carries)

2) Purchase any mei tai (Catbird or Babyhawk) and get a free 20″ hazelwood necklace!

The beautiful Babyhawk mei tai carrier.
Hazelwood helps alleviate a variety of symptoms, most notably stomach and skin issues.
3) Purchase any 12 Cottonbabies diapers (single diapers only, applicable on Flip, bumGenius and FreeTime) and get a free 22-load bag of Claudia’s Choices detergent!

bumGenius 4.0 one-size pocket diapers


Claudia’s Choices is a recommended cloth diaper detergent, and made locally right in Nanton!

**All while supplies last.



Ten Ways to Use a Baby Carrier Rental This Summer

10. On out-of-town trips to visit family or friends, prevent the “pass-the-baby” game with your newborn by keeping them comfortably close in a carrier – you choose when it is time to pass your little one amongst your loved ones, if at all.

9. For parents with a baby as well as an older child or children, summer is a time when the kids are always on the go and baby needs to come along too. Keep up with the big kids, whether it’s on- or off-path, or even wading in the wading pool or river.

8. If you don’t own a carrier or the one you do own incorporates metal pieces or is inconvenient to get into and out of, a quick, easy carrier with no metal parts is worth renting for trips through the airport. You won’t set off metal detectors, and you can pace the aisles of the airplane comfortably if needed. Not to mention, of course, having baby close as you navigate the airport prior to take-off and after landing!

7. It can be tricky to keep a baby contained and safe on a camping trip. A baby carrier can solve or at least alleviate the problem by keeping your little safely on your back much of the time.

6. Make some extra space in your trunk on a road trip by leaving out the stroller – baby carriers are quick and convenient on trips and give baby a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings.

5. Has your baby outgrown their carrier? You don’t have to stop wearing them! There are plenty of carriers that will comfortably bear the weight of a bigger toddler or even preschooler. Try out an Ergo, Beco, Boba, Babyhawk or woven wrap for a week to see the difference in comfort.

4. Suggest to visiting friends or family that they pack one less thing and leave their own carrier at home. Once they’re here they can rent a carrier to use as they see the sites in and around Calgary.

3. Hot? Try an Ergo Sport, Ergo Performance, or Wrapsody Bali Baby Breeze gauze wrap for the duration of the heat wave.

2. Don’t hike much but plan to go out once or twice this summer? If an Ergo, Beco or Boba wouldn’t be your regular pick for a carrier but you need something comfortable for hikes or long walks, rent one to keep yourself and baby comfortable while you explore.

1. And of course, the classic #1 reason parents rent a carrier – try before you buy – test run a sling before you take the plunge, to ensure you’re getting the right one!

Babes in Arms offers carrier rentals of the Boba, Beco Butterfly II, Beco Gemini, Babyhawk mei tai, Babyhawk Oh Snap!, Mayawrap ring sling, Moby wrap, Chimparoo wrap, Wrapsody Bali Baby Breeze wrap, Ergo, Ergo Sport and Ergo Performance. A one-week rental is $20 and if you wish, you can try several carriers during that period. A second or third week of rental is just $10 per week. After renting a carrier you receive 10% off the purchase of any new carrier from Babes in Arms. Visit the store for more details or to rent a carrier!

Babyhawk shipment just arrived

For those of you waiting on special orders, you’ll be happy to know that the Babyhawks just arrived! Happy New Year!

New Babyhawks are in!

A shipment of Babyhawks arrived today, and there are some really beautiful ones in there! We will be ordering more in mid-September, so if you have a special order you’d like to place, get it in in the next couple of weeks. Look for minkee-lined Babyhawks starting in late September.

New Babyhawks

Our HUGE shipment of new Babyhawks arrived today. We now have tons of reversible and one-sided Babyhawks and Toddlerhawks in all different styles and colours. Come check them out today! Careful though – they’re hard to resist.

bumGenius and BioSoft Liners now in stock

The bumGenius 3.0s, AIOs and organics arrived today, along with the small BioSoft Liners.

And we’ve just order a HUGE shipment of beautiful Bayhawks which should be here mid-June!

Slings in Stock

First, we received a shipment of some really beautiful Rockin’ Baby ring slings this week. These include the new patterns Sweet Dreams, Everything is Gonna Be Alright and Born to Be Wild.

Second, we are enstating a regular, monthly Babyhawk order so that customers will know when to place custom orders. The next Babyhawk order will be placed on March 6, meaning that any desired special orders must be e-mailed to us, called in or made in-store by March 5. Prices can be calculated by simply adding $10 to your total on the Babyhawk website – a great deal when you consider how much you’d pay including shipping and exchange! Orders can take 4-6 weeks to arrive but have been arriving in about 3 weeks since last fall.

Also, more UpMama! hybrid ring slings, size medium, are on their way.

New Ergos and Babyhawks

We now have the dark chocolate Ergos (with Kona coffee lining – I kinda want to eat it) in stock.


Also, a shipment of new Babyhawks came in today, mainly reversible ones with skulls on one side and a fun print on the other side.

Looking for bumGenius or BabyHawks in Calgary?

Word on the street has it that the competition is short on all but pink bumGenius one-size pocket diapers. Meanwhile, over here, we’ve got all the colours in stock. Pink is nice, but….

Also, you can now find BabyHawk mei tais elsewhere in Calgary. However, if you’re looking for a wide selection of reasonably priced ($90-100) BabyHawks, head over to Babes in Arms. You still have the option of special ordering if you don’t find one you love, but chances are you’ll find the perfect style right here. We have plenty of minkee-lined styles in stock now, and a new shipment is on its way to pump up our selection even more.