We Still Have Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouches in Stock!

We were as sad as anyone when Kangaroo Korner went out of business last year. They were an awesome company and their Adjustable Fleece Pouch was one of owner Lindsay’s first babywearing loves. We did have a ton of adjustable fleece, cotton and mesh pouches in stock when they announced their closing, and have slowly been selling out. At this point, we are down to very few, but we know that there are still lots of people out there looking for them. We figure the babywearers and the slings have a better chance of finding one another if we take this online!

Here’s the deal:
I’ve listed below what we have in stock. The sizes fit: Small ( 28-36″, 80-140 lbs), Medium (34-41″, 100-200 lbs),
Large (38-45″, 140-300 lbs). We can only ship these in Canada and the price is $50 including shipping. These are final sale. First come, first served – we can’t guarantee how long any of these will last! To order, call 403-835-4613 (10-5 Mon-Sat, 11-4 Sun) or email babesinarmscalgary@gmail.com.

Fleece pouches

1 L right-hand – cayenne
1 L left-hand – cherry

Cotton pouches
1 XL right-hand – cream
1 M left-hand – cherry (mispackaged)

Some reviews of the fleece pouch: Reviews on Mothering.com

Babes in Arms co-owner Lindsay wearing a two-month-old Neko in the KKAFP, 2006



  1. Maria Forster Said:

    Do you have any small all season kangaroo korner pouches left? I know it is a long shot… have to ask none the less.

  2. Hina Said:

    Do you have any slings in small size?

    • Lindsay Said:

      Hi Hina,
      Unfortunately we only have mediums and extra-larges left. Sorry!

      • Janna Said:

        Hi! Do you have any medium cotton kangaroo cotton pouches left?

  3. Lindsay Said:

    These are now sold out! Sorry folks!

  4. Kate Said:

    Do you have any medium kangaroo pouches?

  5. stefanie Said:

    I have three of these that are brand new and in their plastic sleeves..never used them with my kids if anyone is interested. 2 blue cotton ones and one gold mesh one.

    • Oo, oo, me, me! Please contact me…I’ve been trying to find a KKACP for the past three years and am due in June with another little one…please text: seven one 4 86 eight six 64 six. Thanks!!! – Elizabeth

      • stefanie Said:

        i will text tonite with the sizes

    • Autumn Said:

      What size is the blue one i have a four month old have been looking for one for a year.

      • Autumn Said:

        text me 2057993852

      • stefanie Said:

        I will look tonite and text you the size

      • Elizabeth Said:

        And me! Pls text me! 7148686646

      • stefanie Said:

        Autumn..tried texting you to that number and it says its a lan line. the size for the blue is a Large ( trying to find the medium one)..the gold mesh one is a medium

  6. stefanie Said:

    I have some of them posted on Craigs List for Minneapolis. I have found the medium blue cotton one and then also found an adjustable cream waffle patterned one with snaps so there is no specific size. I Never used these as i couldn’t get them to fit me right and kept buying different ones. They are all in their original bags/packaging as purchased. Only tried them on .

    • Megan Fink Said:

      Do you still have the medium for sale? I live in Michigan.

      • Stefanie Said:

        Megan- i sold the two blue ones and gold one to a lady already. I have the cream waffle one then another one that is black/light blue , yellow paisely. its on craigs list if you are interested as is the waffle one. They are both brand new and never used.

    • Megan Fink Said:

      Stephanie, I tried looking on craigslist for the sling, but couldn’t find it. can you email me the link? finkmegan@yahoo.com

      • Stefanie Said:

        megan- i’ll get it from my husband. Look under Inver Grove Heights as that’s my actual home city.that may be why you can’t find it.

      • Kate Meyers Said:

        I would love one as well. Can u ship to NY?

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Stefanie Said:

        yes, I would charge $10 to ship.

  7. Kay Said:

    Hello all, please I’d like to buy a Kangaroo sling in a Large or XL. Can you please text me at FOUR SIX NINE 2 TWO TWO 1950 if you have one to sell? Thanks in advance!!!

  8. nichole Said:

    Any fleece slings left? Live in Stillwater, MN and am very interested. Thanks.

  9. lauren Said:

    id like to buy the medium cotton


  10. Why did Kangeroo Korner go out of business ? It is a great product! I am a dad and used with my son from birth until 3yrs, it stretched to the new weights and positions involved. Incredibly easy to put on (like a jumper) and versatile. Now, with my second son, we never go out without it. It allows me to take over many of the traditionally mothering tasks whilst still shopping, dancing, typing, hiking… Will someone not take up the mantle of production?

  11. Sharon Said:

    Anything left?

  12. Stefanie Said:

    Sharon I believe I have a new one I got as a gift that was never used

    • Stefanie Said:

      Lmk if interested

      • Sharon Said:

        Great? What size and how much?

  13. JJ Said:

    Any Medium cotton pouches left? If so, how much?

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