Supportive Size Five Didymos Wraps in Stock!

We have a beautiful Indio Yew (pictured) and another beautiful Indio Lago in size five, perfect for carrying heavy kids! Both are a 40% linen blend (60% organic cotton). Are you a small person with a big kid that wants a ride on your back? Or just a parent planning for the long-term? Check these out!




  1. May Said:

    hello, I am interested in the scarf that appears in the photo, the green is available, that price? My email address is

    • babesinarms1 Said:

      Hi May, right now we have that colour (Indio Yew) in a size 6. That will be the last Indio Yew we have as it was a limited edition and they are now sold out at the supplier! We also have a similar Didymos in a beige colour (colour grown cotton/linen blend) in size 6, and a green/white one in size 5. They are $190 each. I will also e-mail this information to you!

  2. sarah Said:

    Hi I am interested in the size 6 yew please do you still have it? Thanks, Sarah.

    • babesinarms1 Said:

      We are sold out of the Indio Yew for good, unfortunately.

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