Our response to the Motrin ad

Many of you have probably already viewed Motrin’s ad in which they portray babywearing as painful, and something that moms do only because they feel pressured and because it is trendy. We could go on and on about just what we *really* think about the ad, but chances are many of you are thinking the same things – and besides that, it has all already been said online by many intelligent viewers.

So here is our response. If you are finding that you require a painkiller to get through the day wearing your baby, either you are a) wearing a poorly designed carrier, b) wearing the wrong size of carrier, or c) wearing your carrier incorrectly. No one who wears a baby or child in a sling, wrap or carrier of any type should be feeling pain associated with the practice (unless it’s the pain your out-of-shape heart and lungs may feel lugging your 35 lb 2.5 year old up a mountain on your back… for that I would recommend prior training. Just trust me on this one.). You should not be feeling pain in your back, neck or shoulders. In fact, that is one of the main reason Babes in Arms exists! We’re here to help you, whether you own a product from our store, one you purchased elsewhere or one you made yourself. We want to see you wearing your little one happily and comfortably. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us, or come into the store if you are ever having any sort of problem carrying your child.

As for the implications of the video… babywearing is a wonderful bonding experience. Scientific studies have shown that babies who are carried more do cry less, and in fact, contrary to the ad’s claim, mothers who wear their babies cry less as well, as anecdotal evidence shows that babywearing can help ease post partum depression. And just so you know – we have more faith in you than Motrin does. We know that you don’t make parenting choices to feel validated or because of fashion. In fact, we’re thrilled to say that we think our customers are some of the most intelligent, logical and thoughtful of any client base around.


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