2008 Breastfeeding Challenge date announced

Babes in Arms is pleased to be sponsoring the 2008 Calgary Breastfeeding Challenge. This is an event that the two of us have been involved in as organizers since it began in Calgary in 2006. We’re proud to be sponsoring the event this year and excited to reach our 2008 goal of 150 babies/children latched on at one time!

The Breastfeeding Challenge is an annual, international initiative of the Quintessence Foundation meant to increase awareness of, and support for breastfeeding. The idea is for different geographical regions/municipalities to compete to see which can have the highest number of babies and/or children latched on at one time – specifically, 11 am sharp, Saturday, October 11. This is a friendly competition, of course. Other aspects of the event include entertainment (in the past this has entailed face painting, belly dancing, salsa dancing demos, colouring stations and a babywearing fashion show), prizes (draw prizes as well as prizes for specific categories such as oldest child nursing, longest amount of time nursing, youngest baby nursing, etc.), a registration package which typically includes informational pamphlets as well as coupons and certificates, and booths displaying information and products related to babies and breastfeeding.

This is a great event for moms, dads, babies and kids, and a great to come out and show your support for breastfeeding whether you currently are yourself or not! It’s also a great place for parents-to-be to meet likeminded parents and gather breastfeeding support and information in advance.

Watch the Babes in Arms events section for information on specific entertainment as well as location details! Hope to see you there!


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